It has been more than a month since I start taking microbiology class, and I loved it in many ways. For example, my professor teaches the class in the fun way, she made the class room environment comfortable for the entire student to learn and understand her, and she uses different technique to teach. For example, this week we were learning about DNA replication, and she gave us a group work in the class to show her how the DNA replicates. So my group performs how the DNA replicates successfully and showed her. So my point is that if we learn things in the fun way, we will never forget it because we will have a reason to remember it. And ya….if you guys need to know more about DNA replications feel free to call me. My number is…….lol



My Encounter with flu (influenza virus) and Investigation

        Last week my sister was sick with the flu virus and she decided to treat it herself at home with

different kind of treatment, such us Theraflu, ibuprofen, getting plenty of rest and  increasing her

 fluid intake was some of her methods.  Unfortunately this entire plan didn’t work for her and finally

 decided to go to the hospital.  After I took her to the hospital they did some test and find out that her

 flu causes a complication to the lung and changed to pneumonia and they put her on antibiotic


   After spending the whole afternoon in the hospital with my sister, we returned to her house and I

immediately started my investigation on how the flu can cause pneumonia and what virus is

responsible for the flu virus?

     The flu is caused by influenza virus and if it’s not treated well, there are a number of complications that

can arise. A complication like pneumonia is one of them. Pneumonia is an Infection of the lung and it

include the following symptom;-

ü  Vomiting       Chest pain

ü  Fever              Cough

ü  Weakness      Chill and shortness of breath

Treatment for pneumonia

    Most of the time Doctors uses Antibiotics to treat pneumonia caused by bacteria and starting

antibiotic soon after getting pneumonia helps the recovering process.

  Influenza also known as the flu is caused by a virus. Reviewed last on: 9/28/2008 David C. Dugdale...







My Dictionary

Collywobbles: Butterflies in the stomach.

                      example:- what do you do when a wooly monkey gets the collywobbles.

Collop: A slice of meat.

                      example:-can I have collop please?

Mugwump: An independent politician who does not follow any party.

                     example: this person was a mugwump when it came to politics.